The EVO 360 Performance System
    How We  Improve Golfer Performance
The EVO 360 Performance System represents our method to improve golfer performance.  The system is based on the principles of the physical, biological and behavioral sciences.  These principles are the truths of club and body motion and drive our strategies and techniques for improvement.  This process allows us to create highly personalized programs for the practice tee, golf course or gym that will improve golfers abilities of all ages and levels.
The Principals - Strategies - Techniques Process

The principles of the physical, biological and behavioral sciences are the truths of club and body movement.  Physical principles are the concepts of 3D club motion, ground reaction forces, physics and geometry.  Biological principles are the principles of biomechanics like 3D body motion, load and explode concepts or chain reaction movements.  Some examples of behavioral principles include distraction control, confidence, ongoing learning, positive imagery and commitment. 

Once a principle has been highlighted we then begin to create strategies to drive the desired results.  The strategies are the plan or the how we are going to drive proper motion.  We select an authentic driver and create a task that will create the desired chain reaction.  We set the parameters for the environment, the beginning positions, the driver, the speed and length of the action and the ending position.

The strategies are then transformed into the techniques or actions.  This represents the training phase of the cycle.  Here we look to execute our plan and simplify the battlefield to begin to create the feelings and athletic motions that will create improved performance.

The Analyze - Train - Compete Cycle


In the analysis phase of the cycle we look for the successful principles in the students setup or motions to build off of and what principles need improvement.  Once the principles are highlighted and organized we create understandings based on their importance to the student.  Once we have created understandings we then create powerful strategies that will drive improvement.  


The training phase of the cycle represents the techniques or actions that lead to better motion and performance.  These techniques are the personalized training actions that are unique to each individual.  During training we may stop and go back to the analysis phase to monitor  the effectiveness of the program in order to tweak in or out variables that will lead to more efficient and effective results.  


The competition part of the cycle is putting it all together by testing and trusting the new motion. Competing is different for everyone, it may be winning a tournament, shooting lower scores or just hitting a better shot. Competing is the test of the new motion and will allow us to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the new motion.


We believe that golf is an athletic sport played by athletes.  The end result of our program is to allow the golfer to play more naturally and athletically.  During the process though we are proponents of the use of technology for several reasons.  We utilize several technologies to capture club, ball and body motion data.  We find this data useful in both the analysis and training phase of the performance improvement cycle.  At the NexGen Indoor Learning Center we utilize HD cameras, HD data capture software, HD Golf swing analysis software as well as the Boditrak pressure mat.  Additionally, at the Olde Kinderhook outdoor facility we utilize a Flightscope to capture golf club and golf ball data as well as video analysis.