3D Motion

We live in a 3D world and must analyze and train in three dimensions.  The ability to load the club and body in 3D will create the most efficient and explosive swing.  It's also important to understand that an issue or deficiency in one plane of motion will often cause compensations in other planes and motions.  Understanding the club and bodies motions in 3D allow for the ability to see the entire picture of the motion.  

Load and Explode

To create the most powerful and efficient swing we need to load the club and body in the backswing then explode on the downswing.  First we analyze the 3D load of the club and body into the Transitional Zone of the swing.  Followed by the explode out of the Transitional Zone into the Follow Through.  Quite often a failure to load the club or body in one or more of the planes of motion will lead to compensations in the club and body motion and a less efficient explode. 
Uniqueness of the Individual

Recognizing the unique athletic abilities of each student is key to building an efficient and effective program for improvement.  Selecting the physical, biological and behavioral principles that best apply to the student will lead to a process that builds on their strengths and improves their weaknesses.  From a teaching perspective having the ability to facilitate change through understanding the many different physical, biological and behavioral principles allows for the ability to create highly personalized programs. 
Authentic Drivers

As a student you have come to us to improve your golf game and that is our mission.  Along the way we believe the most effective route is often through utilizing authentic drivers.  What is an authentic driver?  An authentic driver is a task or motion that will closely resemble the motion we are trying to make during the golf swing.  Sometimes the driver is the clubface or the golf shaft.  Other times the club may be replaced with a focus stick, a medicine ball or stability ball.  Sometimes we focus or isolate specific body part movements.  What doesn't change is that the motion we are driving will resemble the corresponding golf motion we are seeking to improve.